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Exploring Major HVAC Industry Changes

This course, Exploring Major HVAC Industry Changes,
for 2 hours, has been approved by the
State of Alabama Board of Heating and Air conditioning Contractors.

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Don't fear foam homes


Exponential increase in foam homes

The Houston Study


Is this a foot or a shoe?

How do we do load calcs for
2 story homes?

Load calculations for
a bonus room



The V in HVAC—What Does it Stand For?

This is the first of a two-part series on ventilation


The History of Ventilation


What did Benjamin Franklin say
about ventilation?

Watson's ventilator



The need for ventilation in 1973



Unintended consequences of sealing homes in the 90's-1

Part 1

Unintended consequences of sealing homes in the 90's-2

Part 2


Applying Mechanical Ventilation and Dehumidification

This is the second in a series about ventilation

All our houses are in ICU.
We used to just open the windows





Do I need a whole-house dehumidifier?

The HVAC contractor must provide
mechanical ventilation

ASHRAE warning about humidity-1

First in a series of 3

ASHRAE warning about humidity-2

Second in a series of 3


ASHRAE warning about humidity-3

Third in a series of 3


Humidity and comfort


Perform load calculations and
test the house

How much ventilation do we need
and how do we measure it?


Miscellaneous Videos



Third-party verification video

What a third party validator
can do for you



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