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Independent Third Party Inspections

Third-Party Inspections are the wave of the future

Government and utility programs are based on trusted third-party inspections and standardized protocols for testing. Conflict resolution by expert consultants as a disinterested third-party stops potential litigation dead in its tracks. Homeowners, builders, contractors and architects gain confidence in completed installations by receiving measured results in professional, bound reports.

Tradewinds Appropriate Technologies is a trusted, independent, Third-Party inspection company. We are available for inspections, consulting and onsite verifications for:

  • HVAC code compliance for municipalities
  • Custom Building Load calculations for HVAC
  • House Performance, energy audits and building science analysis
  • Combustion and Carbon Monoxide analysis
  • Air Balancing
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Home Comfort Analysis
  • Conflict resolution and arbitration to avoid litigation



See our video about third-party verifications


Computer controlled Blower Door test





Testing static pressure of a package system






Techs analyzing system


Analyzing the electric power at the Condenser

Taking temperature readings



       Building Leak Test Report







Tradewinds Appropriate Technologies

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