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Under the House pictures

Click on the thumbnails to see the larger version of each picture

Do you wonder why we are telling you that you need to seal your crawl space?
Here are some visual examples of some of the reasons.


The insulation is melting off of
sections of the ductwork.

More failing insulation.

Signs of moisture and
failing insulation.

View of duct runs.

This wire goes directly through the
stem wall and the penetration is a
pathway for the water to run
through the stem wall.

This garden hose is acting as a drain
for the ice maker. The fittings are
also leaking.

The drain pipes are wet.

Another view.

More failing duct insulation.

Another view of failing insulation.
Notice the organic growth on
the framing.

More organic growth.

Failing insulation, organic growth
and wet insulation on pipes.

Another view.

The insulation is gone.

Lots of organic growth

This beam is rotting on the
bottom where it touches the

More organic growth.

More organic growth. Notice
the stem wall is moldy.
Water was beading up on the
stem wall.

another view of the wet stem wall.


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